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Friday, 5 October 2018

How will Venus Retrograde affect you?

Venus turns retrograde on Saturday 5th October at 20.05 UK time, from 10º Scorpio. It will remain in retrograde motion until 16th November; a 6 week period of introspection and reflection covering our love lives, creative flow and areas of finance too.

Where Venus falls in your natal chart (the chart of the time you were born) will say more about what you are going to learn through this period. Scorpios born in the first 10 days of the sign and Libras born during the last 5 days, will experience this time more than most. Equally those who are born with planets between 25º Libra and 10º Scorpio will have the applicable energies brought to the fore.

For those of you with unresolved relationship issues, this can be a time of reconnecting and going over old ground. In general we will all be looking more deeply at our love style and how it can be limiting at times to the true nature of love which is infinite, unconditional and part of the ONE consciousness.

If you would like me to look at your chart to help you with any love-related issues at this time, do email me to book a reading. I can do tarot readings also, which I use for more incisive results for those who are not sure how to proceed at this time. Find me at or email me directly

The lovely people at café astrology have been kind enough to create a page which will help you look up your own personal Venus sign, so that you can best utilise my summaries below:

Venus in Aries

Bold and expressive the first sign of the zodiac always brings a burst of energy and with Venus in Aries your warmth and charisma is your trademark. Honest and candid you are not afraid to speak your mind whether in love or war, but your natural congeniality creates far more harmony than opposition. Your innate selfishness is your most attractive trait, others are drawn to confidence and you tend to make clear choices about what you want and don't give up until you are successful. The fact that everybody knows where they stand with you, means people value you for your truth, conviviality and wit in the long term, just as much as the short.

Venus retrograde – with Venus in Scorpio operating as the 8th House
This period will be about understanding yourself by the way you relate to somebody close. The 8th house is the natural house of Scorpio and this Venus retrograde period will bring you knowledge of your own hidden depths, passions and fears. We all have some parts of ourselves we try to keep hidden, but Scorpio demands we confront the absolute truth of our inner nature. Through your connections you will find this time is one of great revelations; bringing the ability to form deeper stronger emotional bonds as a result.

Venus in Taurus

A lover of the earth, you are grounded, stable and trustworthy in the way you love. You have an affinity with plants and animals and seek security and comfort as a priority.

Venus in Taurus are often gifted in the kitchen too and with your solid, sensual and supportive nature, you are a joy to be around. Often the type who can settle into a long-term relationship easily, your downfall is that you can be indiscriminately loyal and end up being taken for granted and over-looked over time. 

Venus retrograde – with Venus in Scorpio operating as the 7th House
Your lesson is in valuing yourself, as you value nature. Just as you would protect a slow growing plant, which is being smothered by a much more prolific one, so you have to learn to free the self where circumstances may become stifling or depressing to your spirit. You may not ask for much, or even wish for anything; such is your consistency of heart, but in order for your love to emanate and facilitate growth in others, a little more selfishness is needed on your part. Learn to understand and represent your needs. Your feelings are real and should be honoured also.

Venus in Gemini

Easily bored, you like to learn when you love, always fun to be around you thrive off variety, ideas and exciting exchanges with other smarter than average folk. Mental stimulation is your aphrodisiac and intelligence a powerful draw for you. As somebody who values mental and inspirational activity it may be difficult for you to stay in one place, metaphorically. Once you find your partner in crime, who doesn’t try to change you though, you will be true and satiated. So long as they don’t decide to stop learning and become dull!

Venus retrograde – Venus in Scorpio operating as the 6th House
This period will give you time to look at yourself a little more definitively. There is a much more loyal and bonded side to your character which often eludes you. During this period, if you take the time to go deeper into your own character, you will notice that you harbour some fear of attachment which compromises your ability to open your heart fully. Holding back doesn’t stop us from getting hurt, it only stops us from appreciating what we have in the moment. Letting go of your judgements of yourself and others will liberate and uplift your life.

Venus in Cancer

Nurturing and warm, you have a very protective and giving nature deep down, no matter what your Sun sign. You are the archetypal home maker and even if you’re not a gifted cook, you do love to open up your home to people, so long as you trust them. Home is, after all a sanctuary. Tough too though, you are fiercely protective of your clan and extend great loyalty to those who come to matter a great deal to you. You don’t give your heart easily, but you mean it fully when you say I love you.

Venus retrograde – Venus in Scorpio operating as the 5th House
Although Cancer is a cardinal sign –the water sign with the leadership skills - your desire to defend those you love, often includes you putting others’ needs before your own. During this retrograde period you are called to look more closely at your own inner depths and creative talents. Set some time aside for yourself during this period; to explore your abilities and begin to make creative expression a regular habit. Just for you! You are easily drained by others’ needs, it is important you set some time to regenerate and allow your artistic side to shine.

Venus in Leo

You need no introduction, you’ve already charmed the room with your presence. Probably the most charismatic of the Venus signs and definitely the most commanding, self-doubt is not a feature this placement possesses (the rest of the chart may say otherwise). You expect to be adored and at times worshipped and may well be. Confidence after all is extremely intoxicatingly magnetic. Relationships may feel limiting and dull to this Venus sign; as the enjoyment of snatching brief glimpses of attention is more appealing.

Venus retrograde – Venus in Scorpio operating as the 4th House
We all love the magnanimity of a Venus in Leo, the person who sets the room alight is the ideal dinner party guest. Life isn’t one long social event however, and some Venus in Leo may forget that real relationships require depth and deep connections to develop. During this Venus retrograde you will be looking at your role within the family dynamic. How have you contributed to the unit that you were born into and those you have created for yourself since? There is nothing more fulfilling that giving love. This will be a time of learning the depths of your own giving and generous nature and how this brings you the greatest fulfilment.

Venus in Virgo

Candid and refined, this Venus sign is easy to respect and admire. Your style of love is inexpressive; preferring to show consistency and good behaviour in your day to day life, to creating grandiose gestures of love, which appear to you rather superficial anyway!

You are respectful, good and kind and great in a crisis. Your patience outlasts any other and whilst you don’t feel the passionate desire for relationships that others do, you are loyal and giving once committed.

Venus retrograde – Venus in Scorpio operating as the 3rd House
This Venus retrograde is about you learning to speak your truth. It’s so much easier to sweep your needs aside where it comes to relating to others, after all, you usually make enough alone time to ensure you aren’t too suppressed. The downside of this is that you miss out on the opportunity to learn about true intimacy and closeness. Imagine a life where you could talk about your fears and insecurities; experiencing a lover who knew and accepted you as you truly are? Speaking out is scariest the first time, but it is only be showing your whole self that you can allow yourself to be truly loved!

Venus in Libra

The archetypal romantic….or are you? You love the romantic dream, are the most sucked in by the fairy tales and fables, but does this help or hinder your path?

Always drawn to aesthetics and beauty Venus in Libra is drawn to that which glitters. You are creative and probably have a flair for fashion and dressing up. Despite being cardinal (the leadership sign of air) you can be quite easy to influence however. A few compliments and sweet words can turn your head rather too easily. This is the sign that is rarely single, and hence tends to settle for anything but the fairytale.

Venus retrograde – Venus in Scorpio operating as the 2nd House
Nobody is doubting your likely attractiveness, or your creative flair, it is integrity that Venus in Libra is likely to lack. Swayed so easily by superficial beauty, you often miss the depths of what makes love true. During this Venus retrograde period learning to look more deeply at the binding and nurturing elements of love can help you to add another dimension to your life. How do you feel when you close your eyes? This is how you recognise true love. Touch, loyalty, consistency and truth will bring you so much fulfilment once you realise there are of the highest value of all.

Venus in Scorpio

The thing about Scorpio is whilst it may be secretive, quiet, calculating and vengeful it is also one of the most honest and direct signs of the zodiac. With Venus here softening the edges we quite an intriguing, charismatic kind of nature. You will go after what you want, but only once you have ascertained that failure is practically impossible. When you pounce you know how to charm and entice better than any and since you spend so much time choosing your prey, once settled you will rarely stray.

Venus retrograde – Venus in Scorpio operating as the 1st House
Your downfall is your tendency to hide your brilliance. As one of the most analytically advanced and intelligent signs, you really should show your talents more openly. During this Venus period you will be reassessing your times of success and learning to take a little pride in your abilities and sway. Sometimes you look at the loud, proud, less capable folk, touting their limited wares to a captive audience with scorn. You know you are more capable and intelligent, it is not crass to shine a light on your own talents when they are true and worthy of recognition.

Venus in Sagittarius

Ever the explorer you love to know more, find more and see more. You are the life and soul of the party with a kaleidoscope of anecdotal tales to regale to your captive audiences (so long as you don’t tell the same ones to the same people!). You are fun to be around and by nature do not take life too seriously, your motto is that if you think positively then life will reflect this and often this works to your advantage, as you are certainly well-liked and popular.

Venus retrograde – Venus in Scorpio operating as the 12th House In the energy world like attracts like. To simply this process; this works from the conscious mind – i.e. how we choose to think, be and act and also the subconscious mind – which is the subliminal processes we tend to become more aware of whilst we sleep. For you this Venus retrograde period is all about the subconscious mind, the feelings and needs that you have deep down within you. No matter how well we think, we still have feelings and emotions that need our attention too, they accumulate. This may seem like quite a heavy time for you, as it will bring up the unseen, take note of your dreams and meditate at this time. Depth and emotion creates the difference between good company and a truly magnificent presence.

Venus in Capricorn

Refined and respectable, Venus in Capricorn often appears as an aloof, untouchable figure. Not prone to emotional outbursts or one who naturally shares details of one's personal life, you often give the outward impression of being very sure of life. Of course the real truth is that you have a shyness about you, that only appears as sureness. Once committed you are fervently loyal but it does take a long time to earn your trust and your partners may be forced to jump through hoops first. You are however loyal and true to your word and those who melt the barriers around you heart, will usually want to remain close thereon.

Venus retrograde – Venus in Scorpio operating as the 11th House
This Venus retrograde period will have you looking at the great whole, and the bigger picture. Where can your experiences in life benefit the wider social dynamics? Sometimes it is important to share your own personal knowledge, as it can inspire others and help them to feel closer and more connected to you and each other. This is a time to drop some of your barriers and realise that being distrustful doesn't actually protect you from being hurt, but it may just help another to feel close when they are already hurting.

Venus in Aquarius

You are the true free spirit, offering your soul up as a commodity to all who wish for your cheery presence. Venus in Aquarius is a fun upbeat placement, able to find common ground with almost anybody, you are the fun, gregarious one that people don't easily forget. You are naturally creative in an inventive way and love to have a group of followers who admire you, as Aquarius is, after all just a far more introspective exhibitionist than it's opposite sign of Leo. You both enjoy the hoard the fans, if you hide the fact better.

Venus retrograde – Venus in Scorpio operating as the 10th House
This Venus retrograde period will have you looking at your calling in life and whether it fits in with your life status. Is you creativity being used in the workplace? Do you get to come up with ideas, or are you stifled in some way? This is period will be about how you view love in the world also, you will be looking more deeply into how people appear, vs how they actually are. There is a lot of superficiality and that's something that's always particularly grated on you. Developing a more authentic, joined up life for yourself will bring you a lot more satisfaction for the future.

Venus in Pisces

This is the sign of the true romantic, you know that romance is in the small gestures, that love is show in the moments between the words. Venus in Pisces can see beyond the world's vision of love and reach out to the interconnected ether of truth and oneness. Often imbued with a gift for music and the arts, you understand beauty lies in the individuality of imperfection and uniqueness. Venus is said to be exalted in this sign as you are the ones capable of taking love to the highest level. Truth is though in modern society, your transcendental perceptions often feel muddied and tainted by the falseness you witness.
Venus retrograde – Venus in Scorpio operating as the 9th House
Most people reading this will be in the western world, living in a cold, capitalist construct, consisting of consumerism and inequality. There are many parts of the world who don't operate on this same preface however. Some do live in thriving, connective communities. There is freedom and truth in the world and it does propagate in some areas. Maybe this is the time to broaden your horizons. Whether physically or metaphysically you will seek an escape from your day to day existence during this Venus retrograde period. Doing so will give you the inspiration and inner freedom for your true creativity to flow once more.

These write-ups are brief. If you would like me to look more deeply into your personal Venus sign and how it interrelates with the rest of your astrological chart then email me at or message me on my page at: and I can do you an in-depth Venus analysis for just £15 (minimum 1,000 words, or 20 mins consultation).

Shalom and blessings~~~~ ♥

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