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Saturday, 15 June 2019

A week to be reckoned with; tidal waves and volcanoes.

It's been a little while since I wrote a piece (apologies there has been too much going on) but the configuration for this forthcoming Full Moon inspired me to action. Possibly because it falls close enough to my North Node (spiritual path) in my 3rd house of communication to have an impact prior to it's culmination.

Much of the past few months have been riddled with the proximity of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. These two heavy-weights have been causing havoc in the lives of those with planets between around 18-23 degree Capricorn and in aspect.

Let me touch on this first. For those of you who only know your Sun signs, you will definitely have been affected by this Saturn-Pluto cohort if you were born between; 9th to 14th January, 9th to 14th April, 10th to 16th July and 11th to 17th October. This means you have definitely been affected, many many others will have been too, but I would have to look at the rest of your chart to ascertain.

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The main experience of these two planets together is; great upheaval, your life being subject to unavoidable change and sometimes difficulty. I have seen the impact upon some people's health, due to increased stress levels, there have been financial implications too, and dips in the overall sense of well-being experienced. Due to this affecting so many people, the domino effect is that we are all aware of a lower overall energy surrounding us at the moment and vitality is lower than usual.

Fortunately Jupiter in Sagittarius is keeping up the spirits in some ways and will be more impactful again from mid-August onwards.

So, in terms of this Full Moon which will be at 9:30am (UK time), on Monday 17th June, the added energy of Mercury, Mars and the transiting node making an aspect to the Saturn-Pluto conjunct will lead to a very intense time indeed.

To explain. Mercury rules communication, wherever Mercury falls in our birthchart will denote how we communicate, in which ways we excel or flounder and it can also tell us about our voice, whether we have a gift for singing or writing, or intuition. A weak Mercury may be prone to gossip, talking too much or the inability to express oneself at all, where as a well developed Mercury may be an award winning writer, a charismatic speak or a beautiful singer.

On the other hand, Mars rules our physical energy. We all know that Mars is the archetypal masculine symbol and that it rules passion, sex, testosterone and drive. Along with this it is also linked to our physical vitality and therefore our health, and where it falls in our chart will show how strong, sporty, resilient, energetic and assertive we are. A poorly integrated Mars can be a very angry person, whereas a well used Mars may be a champion sports person.

Consider these two planets together in the home, loving, family oriented sign of Cancer and we can see a picture beginning to build. Certainly there will be a lot more to talk about whilst these two are together between Sunday 16th June and Thursday 20th June. There may be a lot of upfront dialogues, and issues raised which have been swept under the metaphorical carpet for a while. The closest people to you are the ones who can hurt you the most and at this time words may very well be spoken out of turn impulsively and emotionally.

Try to think before you speak but, also trust what you feel. If there are important thing left unsaid, it is healthier for all parties if these areas are aired. After all the impact of ones feelings towards their closest collaborates can be felt, whether the issue has been discussed or not. It is far more productive to be honest and open, providing the ability to move forwards and let go, than it is to hold onto pain, grudges or allow small irritations build into large defenses. (Pearls are decidedly out of fashion as it goes).

The nodes being in the mix with all this does imply that there will be some important decisions made globally this week. Mercury and Mars together can be feisty and at times, ferocious, but with their meet up being in opposition to that heavy, life-changing Saturn-Pluto conjunction I was talking about, gravitas and impact start to become more likely.

On a basic political view, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn are there to shake things up, for better or for worse and mostly with the latter in mind first. In history humans have generally resisted change without upheaval and hardship figuring in the picture to start to rouse up the lethargy of the security-seeking, changing-fearing, everyday person. Most people don't like to rock the boat and hence, they will not try to make a difference until the boat capsizes. We've seen this time and time and again, and unfortunately the human race hasn't evolved beyond this basic. Obviously this unfortunately means that, even in this day when we have all the knowledge and information available to us to make big changes, usually big events have to occur before action is taken.

I'm not saying anything momentous is going to happen this week, but I am saying that events that begin this week may lead to much bigger scenarios occurring further down the line. Saturn and Pluto only actually link up exactly once, and that will be on 12th/13th January 2020. There will be a link with what happens around this time, with outcomes that occur then.

A more political astrologer may make more definitive predictions here. As I've mentioned before, the last time Saturn and Pluto were together in Capricorn, was when Henry VIII made a treaty to unify Europe and reduce the attacks between neighbouring countries! (See Treaty of London 1518) I find it wonderfully ironic that the UK are trying to break away from Europe, under the same configuration that the Tudors used for unification. Have we evolved at all?

The pinnacle day to look out for this week is actually Thursday 20th June, as Mars opposite Pluto will pull the most punches; hopefully not literally. This is the most aggressive combination of planets and the most explosive. On a simple domestic level this is a day to be cautious; remember to turn the gas off, drive carefully, try to avoid road rage and confrontation, as things are so much more likely to escalate. Natural disasters such as earthquakes, volcanoes and tornadoes are more likely too, so it's perhaps not the week to take a day trip to Vesuvius.

On the plus side Mars and Pluto together can move mountains with focus, and create amazing passion when two people work together in their energies, rather than opposing forces. This can be a healing time too when knowledge and awareness are used to create closeness, rather than chasms.

Disputes can happen in scenarios where there is a lack of balance between work and home also, as the featured signs of Cancer (home, family, nurture, domesticity) and Capricorn (work, career, ambition, focus) always are at odds a little bit on this one.

The actual Full Moon itself is merely a ripple in a week of high tides, but deserves a mention, as we all feel the intensity build up of a full moon from time to time. It will be at 25 degrees Sagittarius and so felt most by this who were born with their Sun near or opposite this (birth dates; 16th to 20th December and 15th to 19th June)

It throws a loose nod to the building square between Jupiter and Neptune which may throw a spiritual caste over us all and help to mitigate stress and tension. Although, so far it seems that Jupiter (excess, expansion, fun and joy) has only been bringing the more damp tendencies of Neptune (transcendence, higher love, soulfulness and ruler of the sea) to the fore; via constant rain.

The energy of the full moon should be quite positive and upbeat overall, and it is followed by Eros moving into Libra which will bring passion, and romance back where pickiness and criticism have been a little too prescient in recent weeks.

Try to let of steam this weekend and enjoy the upbeat, exploratory, joviality of the full moon in Sagittarius, and allow tensions to be released in a good way. It may help to reduce the possibilities of tensions and conflicts later in the week.

Happy Solstice everyone! May it be peaceful, loving and passionate.

Reiki blessings~~~ WaxyJo

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Saturday, 27 April 2019

Astrology and the pursuit of love

Deep down most of us are searching for love, even the most unromantic of us end up seeking a partner, somebody to share our lives with. On the spiritual side we are told that, 'love is all there is' and so perhaps seeking love is not what life is about at all?

Traditionally in the astrological chart; Venus is known as the love planet. Always denoted to represent how we experience and express loved, based on its position in our charts; the simplest way to look at our relationship potential and compatibility has always been to regard the position of Venus.

In the older astrological teachings from say the Victorian era and prior; Venus was the only planet associated with love and in those days before; Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Chiron etc. were known about it worked well. Life was more simple then, more about survival and intrinsically love had to be bound up with ones financial prospects and trust particularly for women who were less able to survive without a man unless independently wealthy.

It's interesting to observe how much things have changed over a couple of hundred years, and how, interestingly the discoveries of additional planets represent these changes.

Neptune was discovered in 1846 and has always been linked to photography, film, music and higher love. It's interesting to consider that it was during this period that the in the UK the Queen Victoria was seen to be in a highly romantic relationship with her husband and that this was the first time a monarch, or figure head was recognised to be focused on their love relationship also.

In fact is during this period that the first onslaught of paparazzi as we know it now, began to develop. The media was just beginning to become more visual and due to the industrial revolution newspapers could be printed daily and started to be concerned more with gossip and aspirational lifestyles. Victoria was one of the first fashion icons and was the forerunner of many trends we still follow now.

Neptune has never been linked to fashion as such, and the industrial revolution has always been more connected to Uranus, discovered 50 or so years earlier, but Neptune's capacity to dream, aspire and imagine ones ideals was intrinsically affected by the new media world of the mid-19th century.

We all know now that we can manifest our 'dreams' by using imagination, clear focus, imagery and then gratitude. This entire process is the realm of positive Neptune and is concerned with using the love that is all around us, as Universal power. Harnessing the beauty that exists to help co-ordinate our more ideal life paths.

As stated Neptune isn't so much concerned with the here and now; rather with what could and can. For the deep dark vibrant truths we tend to, as astrologers, look to Pluto.

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Discovered in 1930 Pluto has been linked to splitting the atom and deep transformation. Interestingly, it was around this time that the analogue computer was invented, along with the jet engine and frozen food. All inventions that have gradually but completely altered the way we live in the modern world. Pluto has always been about great transformations; for better and for worse and the fact that without recognition of our deepest darkest truths we will only live in fear of them.

The discovery of Pluto is perfectly linked to the development of psychology, and studies of the subconscious, psyche and super-conscious becoming mainstream concepts which became integrated into teachings and therapies which are still used today.

The main precept of Pluto, or at least how best to deal with the dark fears that it can bring up for all of us, is to learn how to 'let go'. Most of us will be familiar with areas of our personalities which are controlling, and static. We all have a tendency, in the modern world, to become attached to people and things. Partly, because our basic needs are fulfilled and so the pursuit of happiness and contentment can become a more primary focus and also in part because we've mostly been encouraged to build our lives out of bricks; both physically and metaphorically.

The need to let go probably wasn't a necessity prior to 1930, in quite the way it is now. Certainly in the westernised class system with ultra traditional values, there weren't many options available. If one was wealthy then duties were clear, concise and unavoidable and if poor, then loss was so inevitable it had to be accepted as a part of normal life.

It's therefore interesting to consider how the Wall Street Crash had such an effect on the economy that the structures of the class system and concepts of who was rich and who was poor began to change forever and it all happened at around the same time that Pluto was discovered. In this case, “what goes down, must {eventually}go back up.”

To go back to the main preface of this article. What does any of this have to do with love?

Well, to consider that 'love is all there is', surely the only way to access true love is by letting go?

Pluto is very much involved in relationship astrology. As well as everything else it also represents sex, obsession, deep transformative connections and will also feature between the charts of soulmates.

Due to the deeply compulsive qualities of Pluto it can become all too easy to be addicted in a Plutonic relationship; when actually by learning to transmute jealousy into freedom, neediness into acceptance and sexual needs into tantra.

By allowing ourselves to be freed from shackles of all that Pluto uses to confine us, we can better experience the connection to all that is, and that which is true love.

And so what IS true love? Well of course it is about accepting the other and loving them unconditionally, but it's also about seeing them as they are, beyond ones needs. Again this comes back to learning to step into the depths of Pluto, in order to disregard the energies that hold us to all of the ego-based earth bound energies.

True love is freedom and faith; truth and forgiveness; kindness and giving. In order to access the higher more spiritual attributes of true love, one must then look to Chiron.

Chiron was discovered in 1977 around the same time the twin flame concept was beginning to surge in the modern world and it really does hold the key to understanding more about the twin flame connection….

More about that in another article.

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Shalom and blessings~~~~

Thursday, 7 March 2019

Uranus in Taurus ~ Wealth & Prosperity

On Wednesday 6th March 2019 Uranus moved into Taurus, where it will remain now until July 2026. Last year we had a sneak preview of this from 16th May to 7th November 2018 and for those of you who thrive on your creativity, a lack may well have been noted during the period commencing; 7th November 2018, that Uranus reverted back into Aries for four months.

For those of you who have no idea what I'm referring to, let me explain a little more. Uranus is the planet which astronomers first named and identified officially on 13th March 1791. It was actually previously cataloged by a man called John Flamsteed in 1690 and noted in many ancient texts also, often mistaken listed as a star or comet.

However, being attributed and named in 1791, it became synonymous with; political uprisings and unprecedented change. As this was the point at which the industrial revolution began. Uranus is also rather peculiar in its orbit, with its axis running vertically, rather than horizontally as the other planets in the solar system. For this reason it is also seen as 'different', 'unusual', 'bucking the trend' and highly creative

Astrologically, it is also linked to inventions, scientific advancement, creative innovation and the psychological inception of 'the individual'. Again, parallels are obvious between these areas of development and the early 1790s. Uranus is also the ruler of Aquarius, who you may notice, as a sign is correlated to expertise and emphasis in these areas.

To this day Uranus remains linked to the above; all of which have developed and expanded greatly, except for political uprisings which, in the Western World at least, seem to have become replaced by 'trolling' and facebook rants. Uranus is in fact, also said to rule IT, cyber technology and robotic innovation.

What are your views on this? Do you think it's fair to say that stating an opinion on social media is now seen to be the accepted way to take a political stance? If so, do you think that this more effective?

Taking the symbolism of Uranus and transferring this to the astrological (zodiac signs) we can gauge that it will bring, change, a fresh perspective, and scientific shake up to all that is connected to the sign of Taurus during the next seven years.

To that end, we can expect that our comfort zones will change and what we regard to be a solid and predictable truth may be very different by 2026. Taurus is the earthiest of the earth signs; fixed by nature and most connected with the make up of the planet we inhabit, it is concerned with all that is natural, organic and perceptively physical. We can relate the tangible (five) senses to Taurus, but must allow a particular emphasis upon taste and touch; as the most measurably physical of these.

Uranus in Taurus for five months in 2018, showed the commencement of conceptual commerce and cyber coin transactions (via the bitcoin) as a nod to the future. This type of trading will escalate over the next 7 years. It's difficult to even conceive of how it will work, but it's clear that our old systems of banking are becoming increasingly redundant.

For a while we have scanning our purchases via a bar code, contactless flick of the card or a mobile qr anyway. How long before physical currency is all but a memory? Perhaps we will see things advance this quickly during the next 7 years. What is a certainty is that the monetary systems we grew up with will soon be changed forever.

The connection of Taurus to the senses will show interesting developments also. There was talk in in the last decade, of films with smells, and these were briefly trialled and implemented. Now is the time when this kind of crossover of sensory experience will really start to take off.

Gastronomy & gardening are also the domain of Taurus. The very recent growth of interest in veganism is linked to last years' visit of Uranus into Taurus. Further developments will feature the scientific advancement of harm-free produce. The media have discussed developing 'meat' in laboratories, so that its composites directly emulate the 'real thing'. This work is already going on behind the scenes and we will start to see this 'tested' out in the market soon. Other areas of plant based foods will continue to expand and develop during the next seven years.

GM food will be in the headlines again also, Uranus is indiscriminately involved with 'progress' and inventions. Taurus is the most green-fingered sign, but Uranus is coldly calculating in its approach to science, the crossover here will be very interesting and probably central to a lot of debates over the coming years.

Interestingly, in the moment before writing this article I was drawn to look at those who were born when Uranus has been in Taurus previously. My first thought was that “Vincent Van Gogh must have had Uranus in Taurus”. He did. If you think about how he depicted sunflowers in such an innovative manner, it's easy to link this representation of Taurus (plants and gardening) with Uranus (innovation and higher creativity).

Others born with Uranus in Taurus include; John Lennon (bringing lyrics and the day to day experiences -such as a 'bed-in'-, into the realm of the unusual & revolutionary), Bruce Lee (transcending his physical body and developing into an almost machine-like vessel), Nikola Tesla (the man who created radio, electric motors and fluorescent power from nature and organic material – before credit was stolen by Edison).

You can probably get the picture. To list a few others; Jack Nicholson, Muhammed Ali, Bob Dylan, Beethoven, Stephen Hawking, Johan Sebastian Bach, Woody Allen, Oscar Wilde, Frank Zappa and Genghis Khan.

Uranus; the planet of innovation, scientific discovery, higher creativity and genius~~~ now functioning in the most productive and physical of signs; Taurus.

It may seem like a mismatch. It may not seem obvious an obvious form of advancement, but Taurus doesn't do half measures and Uranus, by nature, so often does. Ideas will be made real during this time. Utopia can become a theme park and our dreams a walk in wardrobe…. And I wrote that before I checked by the way. CS Lewis was also born with Uranus in Taurus….

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Friday, 25 January 2019

Reap what you sew in February 2019

February 2019 is an unusual month by astrology standards. For the entire month there will be no planets moving retrograde, they are all racing through the sky at full speed, imploring us to be extra focussed and ambitious throughout.

Now, for those of you who are unaware of what a 'retrograde' is, it simply refers to how a planet is moving in comparison to where the earth is in its orbit around the Sun. As Mercury's orbit is between ours and the Sun, there are 3 times a year where overtake it, hence this is what we refer to as a 'retrograde' period.

Oftentimes, Mercury retrograde is dreaded, as it is so incompatible with modern life; the fact it interferes with communications, travel, and creates misunderstandings can cause us to make mistakes. Something most people's lives have little room for these days.

Prior to the computer age, Mercury would have caused just as many problems with the postal system, clocks, and responsibilities.

What is overlooked however, is that all planets during their retrograde periods, operate in a different way which is equally valid to our lives, should we choose to recognise it!

Mercury retrograde can help us to be more creative and introspective, if you need to edit, or revise some work you have done, then choose a Mercury retrograde period. If you want to learn a language or find a new way to communicate entirely, again start under a Mercury retrograde. Equally all of the other planets have their own shades of depth when retrograde and the outer planets spend around a third of the year going backwards!

To have an entire month with no retrogrades is, indeed, unusual. February is going to be fast paced and intense. Now whilst it can be tiring to have all these weeks of endeavour and so little repose, it is also an amazing opportunity to put ideas, projects and plans in place which can fruit as the year passes.

March is going to be an important month anyway, with Uranus moving in to Taurus for a period of 7 years. So much will change with our finance systems and how use and invest money during this time (more about that in a future article).

So this is a period in which we should really look at what we want to procure in the coming months, grow our ideas and sew some seeds. A lot can be accomplished this year. With Saturn and Pluto still in cahoots in Capricorn for another year this is a period of hard work and achievement anyway. Of which there will be a culmination of great change in 2020, but again, I shall explain more about that when it's relevant.

For now, utilising the Capricorn energy is key. Capricorn is the most high achieving sign in the zodiac, it even sits right at the top of the chart, representing culmination, career and attainment.

From 3rd/4th February up until March, Venus will be traversing through Capricorn, bringing a creative and softer tone to this rather dry sign. As it meets up with Saturn on 18th February, commitments in love are well featured, and new relationships beginning at this time will have a grounded, mature and long-term feeling about them (unless Uranus in transit is dominating your chart at the moment, which would overpower this affect).

Further on, when Venus meets up with Pluto on Saturday 23rd January passions will run high and this could be a very exciting weekend! Pluto is far more about attraction and chemistry than relationships and love, but one can lead to the other when Venus is in the picture. Regardless, most of us enjoy the depths of emotions possible when these two meet up.

Interestingly Neptune is hanging around right in the middle of Pisces, the sign it rules, for all of February. Neptune is about our dreams, desire, fantasies and all that is intangible. Functioning alone, it can be like a choir of angels but quite often working at a cross purpose to the day to day lives which consume us. As Saturn, also in its own sign, is at mid-Capricorn for the entire month also, these two planets are having a rare conciliatory phase. Representing, as they do, such different areas of life; Saturn dealing with all that is constructive and physical, frequently seems to disapprove of the airy fairy ways of Neptune.

They do however, form a nice little connection (called a sextile) from Pisces to Capricorn and actually as a team they are indomitable. After all what use is a dream and an amazing idea, without the constructiveness to build it in the real world? How useful is a responsible, and hard working life, without the beautiful transcendence of great music or an absorbing movie?

On a personal level the melding of Saturn and Neptune can help us to keep a foot in both worlds, which is always the kind of balance which brings the most health, happiness and success.

This is a powerful period, and after the tumultuous energy of January, it may feel a little pressurised. Just be aware that things will calm down going forwards, but the potential to build something meaningful and prosperous during the early part of this year is unusually auspicious. Make it work for you!

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Shalom and blessings~~~~ WaxyJo

Friday, 4 January 2019

A psychological insight into Chiron

Known as the 'wounded healer' Chiron deals with our most significant areas of vulnerability in life and in the chart indicates a lot about the feelings in inadequacy we experienced growing up.

The wounds of Chiron remain prolific throughout our lives and are deep and indicative of our life motivations, since they show where we are likely to over-compensate and also regard ourselves as lacking.

Wherever Chiron falls in the chart, shows an area which is not only a point of sensitivity, but we also feel like we are wearing a badge at times advertising our weaknesses. Hence, the most usual response when these kinds of insecurities crop up, is for us to try to hide them.

A strong Chiron in the chart will often show somebody who has learned the art of covering up, to the degree that it is very difficult to see that this person feels quite the reverse on the inside. Such is the motivation of appearing capable and stronger. The main reason for hiding is that there has been early experience of others taking advantage of us and even if these experiences haven't played out in a notable way, triggers have occurred which have caused us to feel tainted, less worthy and not as good as 'everybody else'.

If you get the feeling that others are more beautiful, capable, confident, aware; imbued with some kind of magical ingredient that you were born lacking, then you can guarantee your Chiron has been activated.

It helps to know this, as the paranoia that the inner pain can create is a falsehood, but one which can spiral into very unhealthy cycles.

Of course, with the effort to 'fit in' with the outer world, it may be less easy for some of us to identify these wounds at all and so they can become embedded into the psyche, operating at a cross purpose to what we wish for in our lives.

Booking a Chiron reading with me will help you to identify exactly how your wound manifests in this life and I can advise you how to overcome this and remove the blocks, which are preventing you from succeeding in this area of your life. 

The truth is that everybody feels this kind of insecurity in some area of their lives, so to move away from the psychological inclination to isolate oneself as unclean and unworthy, is the single most useful response.

For a long-term healing prospect the best way to deal with Chiron issues is to speak of them! To wear your medal of weakness proudly! As the old quote goes, “the only thing we have to fear, is fear itself”, most of what we expect to find devastating is a whole lot easier to deal with once exposed and experienced.

By hiding away, one finds they are waiting for the worst to happen, and then when it does an onslaught of anxiety can kick in at the very hint of the actualisation of the fear. On the contrary expressing ones weakness tends to render the subject less potent, quite uninteresting and just like a light shining on a dark corner of a room; relatively safe.

Connect~~ show those that feel alone, that you understand, that you don't judge them. The feelings of disgust, self repulsion and uncleanliness can lead to incredibly difficult psychological situations if left to fester.  Chiron is often indicated as a factor in those who self purge and try to control their bodies or environments in order to feel less unworthy. Sometimes Chiron people will turn their weaknesses outwards and try to control those around them instead.

They may be inclined to self-sabotage in the outer world as well as deep down inside.

Those with strong Chiron positions will often struggle with many of the scenarios above and emphasis will vary on the basis of your astrological chart and personal life experiences. The help is in recognising the feeling and removing its power supply. It is often the case that these people will end up working in healing professions also.

The higher octave of Chiron is a profound compassion for the plight of others, on the basis of understanding and finding a level of peace with ones own weaknesses. Switching the focus to helping others is the most useful way to use the knowledge of the human psyche which you have become so adept at.

To work with Chiron means to integrate the areas of yourself which you like least and recognise the beauty in them. See how you have accepted the same areas of weakness in others, and celebrate your goodness and kindness. Be gentle unto yourself, as you would be with others.

Reach out and share what you have learned to inspire those who are hiding themselves away, terrified of being exposed. Know that the light is never oppressive, it is the shadows and the unknown which incites the most fear into us all.

Be one and be love. Chiron wounds can become scars of pride, areas where we show our battle wounds proudly and wear our badge of experience with the knowledge that the human experience is temporary, life limitations are an illusion and the truth is only love.

We all have Chiron in our charts, and we are all in some way held back by the power of this rather unassuming asteroid.  As Chiron moves back into Aries in February 2019, many of us will experience a fresh wave of vulnerability.

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Friday, 21 December 2018

The Eclipse Season ~~ January 2019

The year begins on a sombre tone, celebrations will be tamer and less elaborate than usual. There may be some how can ignore the Sun meeting up with Saturn from 1st to 3rd January, in fact indulging in excess is possibly only way to avoid it. So, those prone to extremes, may be more so, but overall most will have their eye on the year ahead, with the consideration of how to make it a productive and successful one.

It could be my own eyes, from my environment, but it seemed that 2018 was a particularly difficult year for most. Whether we can consider that to be a result of both Saturn and Pluto being in Capricorn, and the fact that Chiron in early Aries was having a little show down with Saturn for a large part of the year, it's hard to say. Maybe having 6 months of the year taken down by inner planet retrogrades; with Venus and Mars adding to Mercury's regular backward parade, also played a large part in slowing down progress and enjoyment for many.

{PS – if any of you really loved 2018 and had a great year, I would be very interested to hear about it – please do email me at:}

The first Eclipse of the year will be at 1:29am on Sunday 6th January – as always it will effect those with a birthday falling around this date the most, or those whose birthday is at the opposite end of the zodiac; around 8th July (give or take a couple of days either side). The is a New Moon eclipse and a partial Solar Eclipse (mostly visible in Russia) which signifies new beginnings.

This will be a very interesting year for those who have planets affected by 15'25º Capricorn, particularly those who begin their year at this time (if your birthday is around 6th January).

The Sun and Moon fall close to Saturn at 12º Capricorn and close enough to Pluto at 20º Capricorn, this is, in effect a taste of what is to come later, as these planets dancer closer together and then step apart once more. They don't actually meet up in the sky until year 2020 and it's fair to expect all manner of change when they do.

As this particular eclipse links up the chasm between them in the sky, there will be a sense of change in the air. A nice aspect to Neptune in Pisces softens the energy and gives a kind of ambitious flavour to the week. Although there is a feeling that fate and destiny are irrevocable forces, Neptune brings the potential for dreams, creativity and the imagination to provide an uplifting outlet. When WW2 broke Saturn and Pluto were in an exact aspect – a hard square – those who lived through this time will talk about how this time brought out the best in people though too.

In a world which has been racing into a materialistic, technological age, in which the rich and poor divide is once more becoming more pronounced, something does need to give. There are all manner of possible eventualities and ways that big changes are due over the next 2 years, but I think there is a sense of inevitability about the fact that they will occur.

The last time Saturn and Pluto met up in this manner; was in 1982 in Libra and I think it's fair to say that this marked the beginning of capitalism as we now know it. The start of 'the throwaway society' when things began to be made with less artistry and integrity, so that they could be more quickly replaced and profited upon. What kind of an era will be see the beginning of 2020? Well I shall look deeper into that later in the year, in the meantime know that the planets show change, but it's the people on the planet who dictate the kinds of change that will occur….

As an interesting side note, the last time Saturn and Pluto met up in the same sign; Capricorn, it was 1518. The treaty of London at this time created a peace union between all the countries in Europe and a promise to defend one another against attacks from other Empires! This time around we have Brexit….

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The second January eclipse takes place on Monday 21st January at 5:16am, with the Sun having moved into Aquarius the previous day, this eclipse falls at 0'51 Leo. So all of you Leos who are born on the first day of your sign (over the cusp from Cancer) will definitely feel this quite intensely!

On the plus side, energy will be high during this Full Moon. Venus and Jupiter will be having a jolly old time in Sagittarius, lifting spirits, encouraging the more upbeat and brighter side of life is appreciated. Jupiter is all about fun and laughter on the upside, and congenial, peacemaking Venus does tend to bring out this side in Jupiter, especially whilst traversing through the sign of Sagittarius which Jupiter rules and correlates to.

There is, however also a square to Mars in Aries in the mix here. Now if you wanted to do something daring, random and sporty, this is a great time to most enjoy such an activity. If though, you are in more restrained environment, hoping that disputes don't break out and tempers don't flare….well I'm afraid you'll need to wish hard. Mars is Aries is fast, reactive and armed with great energy and drive. Jupiter in Sagittarius, is over opinionated, zealous and can be quite combative. There is only so much Venus can mitigate with pleasantries when there is a Full Moon in the mix also.

This eclipse could bring about some explosive energy, Uranus about to leave Aries for the final time, may well wish to make it's mark through fire and intensity. It is at a square to the eclipse point and there is a potential for; natural disasters, uprisings and disputes on small and large scales to come about as a result of this eclipse.

It is important to note that eclipses can be activated for up to 6 months before and after their events. Planets touching on the areas in the sky where the eclipse falls at all time in coming months, could re-activate them. So, for this one in particular, when Mars makes a square to the 0'51 Leo point from 0'51 Taurus, we could find that all that I cited above is reactivated for a day or so. Sometimes the reactivation points are stronger, so 15th and 16th February 2019 could be dates to be cautious. Days to lie low, book in a massage, or cosy time this weekend perhaps.

Overall it is rather an intense beginning to the year. The New Year always begins with the Sun in Capricorn but this year, having the two heavy weights (Saturn and Pluto) traversing up and down, activating eclipses and hitting the personal planets makes it all a whole lot more intense.

For those of you who are ambitious and want to make waves in your career, there is a good potential in fact in these areas. Things are a little more rigid and conservative, but hard work is more notably rewarded at this time also.

Jupiter in Sagittarius suggests a more global approach at this time. Travel is not necessary for the world to connect up any more. New areas of commerce and different ways of trading are increasing in popularity and will continue trending when Uranus moves back into Taurus on 6th March 2019. Think outside the box, or if you're more like me ~~~burn the box!

Shalom and blessings~~~~ WaxyJo

Full Moon total eclipse at 0'51º Leo