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Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Chart for Solar Eclipse 21st August 2017 ~~29 Leo

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Master of Illusion ~ the astrology of Johnny Depp ~ and being born in the 60s

I don’t tend to pay much attention to gossip, media or celebrity but this talk of Johnny Depp and how the public find it so difficult to believe he could have a violent temper is quite fascinating.

From an astrological point of view, I have no doubt whatsoever that he is not only explosive, but also has the capability to disengage from people completely at times. Since he has also admitted such, I don’t feel it is inappropriate to go into how this is backed up in his astrological chart.

I will begin by looking at the generational planets, which first illustrate an intensity commonplace to those born around during the 1960s. During this period Uranus and Pluto were transiting conjunct in Virgo, with this being exact on occasions between 1965 to 1967 and being within orb for most of the decade. As Uranus is the planet of revolution, humanitarian values and individuality and Pluto is about death, transformation and rebirth (like the phoenix from the ashes) these planets together create a potent combination.

Consider that during this period there were great changes in the western world, with the 1940s generations bringing forth the hippie movement with the backdrop of Uranus and Pluto demanding an ending from the old systems of values. These were the days when the term ‘teenager’ was derived and young adults demanded equality and freedom from the judgement of the past. Recreational drugs, the introduction of the pill and political activism all became game changers, as the Vietnam war began to create between the new wave of peace seekers.

This was an interesting time to be born and nothing which began during the mid-60s has ever reversed. Societal barriers had been broken forever, and popular culture was born.

A lot of these changes were initiated by the peace-loving, idealistic Neptune in Libra generation (born 1942 to 1957) whose peaceful focus continued through to the 1970s.

Johnny Depp was born back in 1963 when all these changes were beginning, along with technological advances symbolised by the meeting between Uranus and Pluto. Much of the generation with this conjunction in their natal chart have a need to make changes in the world around them on a regular basis. Just as the nature of this planetary combination brought societal changes, it has a similar type of effect in the personal charts of those born around this time.

For the most part this 60s generation are not peace-loving, easy going set of flower power kids that you’d hope (we had to wait for the Uranus in Libra generation to bring that back into the mainstream). No, this generation were angry, they didn’t want peace they wanted equality. This is the generation who invented punk, anti-establishment beliefs through aggression and were responsible for an increase in football violence. As they were coming to age, the post war financial boom was dissipated by a matching baby boom and conservatism and capitalism began to resurge in the UK. They had a reason to be angry and in the mid-70s when Saturn and Pluto squared up this reached boiling point.

There is also a desire for control and detailed analysis with this generation. This is the group that brought anorexia into the spotlight and when they came of age, made up a large portion of the forerunners of the internet. Their innovative talents brought us the modern world as we know it.

However, it is to be noted that those who were born with personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars) next to the Uranus-Pluto conjunction, whilst often the ones who have attained more prominent careers, they also have control issues.

The spanner in the works is that Chiron was opposite this conjunct for most of the period also, along with Saturn, hence where the need for change and control becomes something far more emotionally wounding and complex. A lot of the emotional based diseases became more prevalent as a result of this very difficult configuration.

Looking now at Depp’s chart in more detail, we see that Chiron isn’t close enough to be a prominent feature in his chart. This is hardly surprising as Chiron does tend to dissipate self confidence when it features in a particularly conflicted position. Depp does however have Mars conjunct Uranus and Pluto and immediately we would expect to see the kind of self-expression that is unpredictable, erratic, powerful and very easily roused. Mars conjunct Uranus alone will show an individual who is drawn to the unusual, and likes to break from convention, rarely concerned with public opinion. Bring Pluto into this picture though, and we have a more destructive and aggressive potential. This person will not back down, relent, or see anything other than their needs and wants once opposed. It is a classic, out of control type of anger where they ‘see red’ and erupt like a volcano.

It’s very difficult to control this kind of anger and it can’t be easy to live with. In Depp’s chart the Mars-Uranus conjunction falling in the first house, ruled my Leo would imply that he rarely feels remorse. This is possibly why he hasn’t chosen to address, or soften this influence.

What fascinates me the most about all this though, is that the public apparently have such a difficulty in believing the reports. Whilst I’m not one to stay in touch with the media, I’m aware that those who read celebrity gossip are not usually those with the most discerning minds. In this case however, the majority have allegedly decided to reject these reports in favour of their own opinions (if only the masses were more inclined towards such choices!!).

This sway is of course shown in the astrological chart too though. Where in any person’s chart the MC and 10th House show the career, in the case of somebody who is well known this house becomes very important indeed. You can gauge ‘how the world sees somebody’ by the condition of the 10th House (the ruler, aspects to it, planets housed here etc.). So it is no surprise that Depp has a Mercury-Venus conjunction here, in the strong, reliable, predictable sign of Taurus no less.

No matter the circumstances, the public will see somebody who is eloquent and charismatic (Mercury-Venus), stable and grounded (Taurus MC) with a measure of self-control and conscientiousness (Saturn square Mercury-Venus from the 7th House) that simply cannot co-exist alongside a more complex, uncontrollable temper!

It fascinates me that an expectation of anybody could be one-dimensional. Surely we can all identify with having a number of contrary elements to our characters? Or perhaps not, perhaps one of the reasons depression and suppressive illnesses are so prevalent in this modern age is that people do try to fit themselves into a single behavioural expression.

What do you think?

Johnny Depp Chart

Monday, 12 December 2016

Full Moon at 22'25 Gemini ~Wed 14 December 2016 ~ 00:05

The final full moon of 2016, falls at 22'25 Gemini and re-enacts the Sun-Saturn conjunction which was exact on Saturday and would have been notable for a few days prior.

The weekend had a more sombre cast for those with a strong Sagittarius / Gemini influence in their charts, and a more grounding affect on many of us overall. When the Sun links up with Saturn a more practical, functioned, and work oriented approach will take precedence. On the other hand, for those who find this kind of down to earth approach less comfortable, a desire to escape any of the realities or confines of day to day life may become the focus.

It's all down to how oppressive the Saturn energy is in your life right now. Do you feel that you have stability and trust in the future? If so this full moon will be a great time to crystalise and look at how you would like to live 2017.

Perhaps there is more turmoil in your midst and this full moon is going to bring up some of the pain, fear, and worry that needs to be healed in you? Whenever Saturn is in the mix, you can be sure that life will be based almost entirely in the 'real world'. Even if you are prone to day dreaming and living in a more creative head space, this will be a less effective mechanism during the Sun-Saturn conjunction.

Jupiter has been in Libra now since August and has reached past halfway, ready to turn back at the beginning of February and brings its positive vibrations through the sign in reverse order, all over again. Libras born up unto around 16th October, will have had a dose of uplift from the planet of luck, exploration and manifestation and will re-live this opportunity in the coming months. Traditional horoscope writers who note that since this is the 7th House (of relationships / partnership) for Aries, that they would be likely to have had or be about to experience very harmonious personal relationships at this point. Whilst a real astrological reading is based upon the exact time and date (and location) of birth, Jupiter in the opposite sign is not one to overlook. In fact no matter your sign, whichever area of your chart houses Jupiter, will be the area in which success, happiness and even prosperity is more available to you at this time.

I mention Jupiter in such detail, as he is slowing down over the next few weeks, preparing to begin the backwards (retrograde) journey and can now finally imbue us with the joy that the Saturn-Neptune emphasis of 2016 so far has assuaged. This is the time the believe in your dreams and start to make waves in the direction you wish. Fortuitously the timing aligns well with mental preparation for the new year, which despite being an entirely man-made concept, is embedded into our psyches enough for use to use it to create meaningful 'new start'. There will be a new moon shortly before the new year but this 2 week cycle from full moon to new moon is an opportunity for us to dig deep, and acknowledge what it is in our lives we wish to embrace and that which we know we need to change. Perhaps entirely!

Mercury and Pluto linking up in Capricorn this week, give us the focus and depth to really search our wants, needs and motivations at this time. The year that has passed has been a tumultuous one for many and has taken us on a ride of twists, turns, and treacherous insights into the darker sides of human nature. It would be unrealistic not to note the disappointment that many of us have felt at the behaviours, choices and priorities which have made it seem that judgement and separation are more prevalent in people, than love and connectedness. I'm aware that it's an unhappy heart which chooses power / anger / control / destruction over love and therefore the only answer is to melt the cold hearts, and bring back the desire to trust, empathise and reach out to one another.

Live by example, live your truth. Jupiter is all about the earthly truths, and in the most appeasing and balanced sign of Libra, we are given the chance to take a look at our surroundings and try to truly understand the needs and vulnerabilities of those around us.

We're all doing the best we can after all and we all stumble around tripping up from time to time.

With Chiron in Pisces at a square to the full moon position and Sun-Saturn at this time soul searching will be a painful process. I know that avoidance is often the choice when the depths of despair lurk below the surface, but once the murky waters are freed, they flow away forever. There never is a good reason to carry old hurts, or issues. Life can be very beautiful with no baggage or expectations. The lesson of Chiron is in learning to speak the unspoken, connect on the level that only humans can. Chiron is named 'the wounded healer' with the symbol of a key. It stands for all the pains that we accumulate from childhood, that are related to the human condition. Interestingly, as Chiron's most functional sign is the communication sign; Gemini (where it is 'exalted') the best way to deal with these pains is to share them, discuss them, face the fear of judgement and repulsion and own them. These are the pains that animals don't have, as they don't clutter their minds with language and expectations. In turn this is where the purity of animals can be the greatest inspiration. Hence, if you are unable to connect to people when Chiron is in the mix, taking time to be with animals will undoubtedly be a very healing experience.

Peace and love to all~~~

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Saturday, 26 November 2016

New Moon in Sagittarius ~Tuesday 29th November ~12:18pm (UK time)

This new Moon at 7º42 Sagittarius links back into the theme that 2016 has emphasised so well of, delusions and how they manifest.

As mentioned in so many recent articles, there been a real push/pull between the rather incompatible planets of Saturn and Neptune for the last year or so. Where Saturn stands for all that structured, planned, focussed, and responsible, Neptune is about dreams, imagination and all that flows and cannot be grasped. With these two being so prominent this year, there has been a lot of unexpected twists and turns; lies and deception; creative highs, followed by crushing confinements. The only way to understand and work with Saturn is to assess ones place in life and whether the actions you take in the physically structured world are in keeping with what you wish to achieve. Whereas with Neptune clarity can only exist on a deeper, amorphous, inner level. If indeed clarity is indeed possible for more than a snapshot at a time, but therein lies the beauty. Where Saturn is all about planning, Neptune can only be found in the moment and grasped in a lingering assimilation of sensory perception (extra or ordinarily speaking).

This story which has created much of the confusion and turmoil of 2016, is changing, Saturn and Neptune are no long in speaking distance in an astrological sense. However, humans have a tendency to perpetuate and replay what they fear or dislike the most. Where a cat can find a spot of sunlight and dissolve into existential bliss, a human being, if they even stop to appreciate the spot, will still stage their soliloquy sifting through imaginary scenarios, of seemingly unsolvable conundrums – that have not even happened yet!

So, this New Moon which falls so close to the location of Saturn at the last point in its square to Neptune, and re-triggers lingering Neptune, is about stepping into a new paradigm; walking away from unwanted delusions and taking a chance to live the dream.
Sometimes I come across articles which try to surmise what they assess to be 'human nature', based upon studies of previous attitudes and behaviour. My view is the opposite; live as if you are a new species, create your own version of reality. It amazes me that psychological teaching is still based upon the pent up projections of Sigmund Freud, who, in fact, did live in a society which was based upon suppression of natural desires (and so his observations did have contextual validity when written). Obviously, there are limitations to what humans are and can be, and there are basic needs which seem to resonate within us all; like the need for love, acceptance, connectivity and community. What I don't believe is our nature is 'greed', 'self-sabotage', 'competition', 'judgement' 'desire for power'. Sure these are all behaviours which have been observed in humans for centuries and they have become major players in the structure of society as we know it. They are learned environmental responses however, and anything which can be learned, can be unlearned. Our education system is based upon the worst of human history, and encourage the kids to prepare their natures to interact with this. I read a lovely quote last week, something like; “don't teach your children to be the kind of people who can deal with the harshness of society, teach them to be sort of the people who will change this.”

Magic allows for more magic. In a scientific world belief in the intangible is frowned up; if there is no evidence or proof then it cannot, and never will exist. These same people who recognise the beauty of genius' like Einstein, fear new ideas and you can be sure they never can see the irony in this! Neptune is all about allowing for magic to manifest, in an unmeasured, non-material and sometimes intangible way. Neptune is the dandelion clock; appearing from nowhere with it's ephemeral blossoms, flying through the air, dissipating, leaving behind the paling pin cushion, framed with brachts like a fading Roman sun god. Magic and beauty are everywhere in immeasurable, unquantifiable bursts of nature. One should never forget the romance of nature, or become so removed that it no longer serves as an inspiration.

A lot of fellow astrologers observe Neptune's dark side to about deception and lies. It's something to be acknowledged, as it most certainly can be the case. The point here is to never expect another to be your source of inspiration, there has to be a deeper connection to all that is for Neptune to be enjoyed. If the fairytales that Neptune so joyfully depicts start to gather cast members, or definitives, then the lower side of Neptune becomes inevitable. Where there is expectation there is disappointment, and where somebody is pressured to be or act in any way, they rebel and break free. This is no ivory tower, the walls are that of a waterfall; differing in each second, with varying hues and refraction. We are drawn to the water walls for their beauty and endless fascination, no structure can exist in such a place and it is only perception which allows for continued appreciation.

The butterfly will die in a closed fist.

Saturn has moved forward a little now and makes an harmonious aspect with the planet of revolution and freedom; Uranus. Different as they are, they do have a negotiating term and in many ways work well together. Uranus only wants to destroy that which is unjust, and Saturn whilst it cares less about fairness and more about propriety, is often willing to work with Uranus in this regard. A spark of Uranus-style inventive genius can only be turned into something real with the help of Saturn. So these next two weeks are a good time to develop great ideas, or to add a little creativity to the mundane. As Mars moves through Aquarius, it will reach the midpoint also and bring energy, vitality and enthusiasm wherever there is insightful, intelligent thought. If you have a great idea, patent it, or look at working at the foundations required to develop it.

In many ways this is a dispassionate, time of imagination and escapism, mixed with ideas and industriousness. The Venus-Pluto conjunction has moved on, and so has the heavy energy which pervaded as a result.

New Moons are always a great time to start something new, if you choose to do so with this one, then allow the inspiration of all that is inexplicable be the root of all that transpires for you this week.

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 Peace and love to all~~~~