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Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Lunar Eclipse 16th September ~~ love your vulnerabilities~~ 24° Pisces

This lunar eclipse is the final of the season and is exact on Friday 16th September at 8:05pm in the UK at 24’19 Pisces.

It will be visible from the UK, and reaches its closest point at 19:54.  However, this is a penumbral lunar eclipse; meaning the earth’s shadow falls on only a small portion of the Moon and so the change in light will be barely noticeable.

Although only a partial and therefore less potent eclipse; astrologically we have quite a powerful and emotional chart, with the Moon in Pisces sat next to Chiron the wounded healer.  Whilst Chiron is only regarded astronomically as an asteroid, it has a very powerful affect in an astrological chart.

I regard Chiron to be the ruler of Virgo as it correlates with the perfectionist, hygienic and self-deprecating traits of the sign; along with showing the triumphs of conscientiousness, kindness, service to others and innate patience which come from the taking ones owns own needs out of the equation. 

Where Chiron falls in a chart will tell you a lot about your deepest vulnerabilities and fears and I will always look to this area of the chart to understand how best to empathise and understand somebody’s true needs.  By connecting with somebody’s Chiron, you will be able to develop a truly deep bond, so long as your intentions are entirely genuine. 

Chiron is exalted in Gemini, as by expressing and sharing your wounds you can connect with others on a deep level and encourage them to share their own.  Chiron is connected with anorexia, OCD and self-purging kinds of behaviours when at its most difficult and suppressed positions.  Facing the fear of others’ judgement and acknowledging your weaknesses in this area is where this energy triumphs into connectivity, and healing begins.  Hence, many of the best healers, carers, nurses and nurturers have a strong Chiron position and have learned how to recognise the wounds in others, by understanding and having already integrated these within themselves.  We’ve all heard that the best counsellors are those with personal expertise in the applicable area. 

The main focus of this lunar eclipse is upon accepting ourselves, acknowledging our deepest fears and in turn being sensitive to those of others.  With Mars closely square the Moon-Chiron eclipse point, there may be fallouts and disagreements triggering these weak spots.  For those of you who find yourselves in an argument with somebody you care about around this time, do try to breathe, step back and recognise that many of us become angry when we at our most scared.  By looking at the source of behaviour, rather than reacting the behaviour itself we have the opportunity to become closer and create a bridge between those who may have formed chasms of self-preservation.

As always the key to the best possible outcome is to consider, “what would love do now.”  When in an ego state the tendency is to defend one’s position and fight to win an argument, or cover up a part of the self that we fear others seeing.  Love on the other hand has nothing to hide, and knows that where it exists then more love will manifest.  We always end up a reflection of what we project, and this isn’t only the case on a conscious level, but on all levels of energy.  Spending time chanting mantras every day will eventually re-programme the subconscious into positive patterns, but this needs to be corroborated with good intent at other times too.  It is not what we say to others, it is what we think to others that matters the most.

Words can help and with Chiron they can create a form of connection between people which breaks down the most inpenetrable barriers, but sending love is just as powerful, often more so.

Is there anybody in your life who you feel anger for?  Are you seething, or festering an energy which has the effect of draining your core spirit?  Is there an impasse which causes you distress or upset?  Are you holding on to a scenario from the past and replaying it in your mind?

I read an article this week about how the neurons in the brain work as muscles and become stronger and more able to perform wherever they are exercised the most.  Which areas of thought do you over-emphasise?  Do these thoughts serve you and help you create the next stage of the life you wish for, or do they hold you back and reinforce a negative view? 

We can re-programme anything we wish if we believe so.  Amends can be made with any person we want, there are no boundaries, only those which we create for ourselves.  Sometimes those which have been created for us by others in our childhood and we have replayed through habit, rather than choice.  Chiron often reflects early programming which has been passed by parents and peers to us through our formative years.  Often those who fear ‘ending up like their parents’ are the ones who end up exactly as their parents. 

The key is choice.  We cannot change our wounds, we cannot discount our vulnerabilities but we can turn them into strengths and connectivity.  We can look at our own defensive, or angry, or subversive responses to weakness and recognise these same mechanisms in those around us.

Chiron is the key; the key to understanding that we all suffer the same wounds, the same fears but we are also all capable of expressing the same love. 

If you’d like me to have a look at how Chiron functions in your chart and which areas this eclipse will emphasise in your life, then contact me at: and I can provide a reading by email, skype or in person for just £20.

With love and connectivity~~~~~ x

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

New Moon eclipse at 9’21° Virgo - Thursday 1st September

This Autumn’s lunar eclipse takes place at 10:03am on Thursday 1st September (time accurate in the UK). This is a very intense configuration occurring at 9’21° Virgo, closely squaring Saturn at 10’04° Sagittarius and opposing Neptune at 10’39° Pisces.

In fact it is one of the most auspicious astrological events of the year; capitulating the background feature of Saturn square Neptune which has been causing confusion, chaos and political unrest in so many parts of the world recently.

This area of the mutable signs (which are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius & Pisces) has been under the spotlight considerably in recent times. Whilst Saturn glided over this point during mid-December 2015 it has remained static at the 10th degree of Sagittarius for the entire month of August, with Mars hanging around closely exacerbating and causing a rather frustrated and tense energy during the last two weeks.

Interestingly, when Mars turned retrograde earlier this year on 23rd April, it was also at this point of Sagittarius that it stationed and began it's apparent backward motion. There is an incredible emphasis being placed in this area of the sky and with an eclipse triggering all of the energy which has been so concentrated for the past 9 months; change is being forced indelibly upon us.

On a personal note, whilst I retain a rather blasé and yielding attitude to planetary motion on the whole, I am find this frenetic dance upon my personal Neptune placement, rather disconcerting and unsettling. Those of you who have any planets between 7-11 degrees of the mutable signs, will I’m sure be feeling a similar intensity (whether you are aware of a planetary placement here or not!) For those of you born close to either; 28th February, 30th May, 1st September or 1st December your Sun is in the mix and I’m sure you’ve had a suitably strange and complex year so far. I would love to say that this is now over, but the changes heralded by an eclipse can actually be felt a few months before and after the actual date of the event. In this case most notably so, due to the triggers being outer and slower moving planets.

It is difficult to know what to expect with an eclipse. I would tend to look at the area of the chart it falls in, and then where the affected planets interact with and which house(s) they rule. This will provide a great insight into where impacts will be felt and in the case of this eclipse the positions of Saturn-Mars in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces are very relevant to any investigative approaches also.

To look further into the chart of the eclipse itself, I see that we have 17° Libra Rising with the ruler; Venus sat covertly in the 12th house, but congenially close to Jupiter and Mercury, which turned retrograde at around 2pm on Tuesday 30th August (and will remain so until Thursday 22nd September). The 12th house placements here seem to add to suppressive tendencies which the Saturn-Mars conjunction has been bringing to us for the past 2-3 weeks already. It's a case of 'better the devil you know' as many of us will avoid risks, overt honesty and frankness in favour of saying nothing at all. This of course creates its own problems as, whilst it may seem as if nothing you can do/say/bring to the table is right at the moment, lack of expression doesn't actually change the energy permeating from you to those around you. Actions speak louder than words and in many cases, thoughts illustrate feelings more powerfully than when open communication is attempted.

There will be misunderstandings at this time, Mercury beginning its retrograde motion is making sure of that, if the placement of the other planets wasn't making this clear enough. What I can say is that what you think you create; and this counts for conscious and subconscious thought equally, so meditation and trying to find a deeper connection with ones true feelings is one of the only ways to surpass the issues that will come into play for many of us at this time.

Neptune itself is sat in the 5th house of the eclipse chart, along with Chiron and indicating that music, creativity, art and drama are where the most joy can be found. Be as a child, and if you can't manage that be around children. The innocence and beauty of life's simplicity can be appreciated most fully at this time. Animals may have a similar appeal, as their inability to be dishonest is equally alluring and refreshing.

Whilst I almost always encourage people to ignore the news and focus on their own lives, at this time deceit and subterfuge are going to be even more prevalent focuses than usual. Also people will be more sensitive to contamination both in the air and in the food chain, so try to keep overall health a priority to keep the immune system on top form. Finances will be a concern for some and community issues a focus. Perhaps there will be more of an emphasis on pulling together and looking out for one another, but with energy being low and wills being weak I think that imbalances will be more noticeable, rather than inroads being made into actually addressing them at this point.

There will be more political confusion over the next couple of weeks, as Mercury retrograde adds even more messiness to the minds of many.

The overall message of this eclipse is that old cliche of 'what you resist persists', there is no avoidance of truth. No amount of failing to speak out will actually change the reality of any situation. If I've learned anything in this life, it is that there is a shedding of intensity in speaking out. Sometimes expression of pain, or sorrow, or frustration, or anger majorly dissipates the feeling itself, where suppression of such adds further difficulty.

Take a risk, speak your mind, if something is important to you it is worth saying. I won't back any confrontation, major decision-making or life changes at this point, simply surrounding ourselves with good people and sharing how we really feel about our lives. Friendship is a great balm at this time and the eclipse meeting the north node in the house of friendship encourages us to trust and allow our hearts to open up to those who care the most about us.

This is a confusing time, a lot of what we see, believe, or feel around these next two weeks should be recognised as untrustworthy. Feelings will be intense, and not necessarily indicative of reality. On the other hand responsibilities may feel more like burdens than usual. Taking time out is essential and learning to take oneself less seriously will help. As Shakespeare once said, "all the world's a stage and all the men and women merely players", right now viewing ones life as a play or a movie will add a backstory that could be the most enjoyable perspective to take.

Wishing you all a beautiful, liberating, story-telling new moon eclipse on Thursday!!

Leo dried peas & love.

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Solar Eclipse chart ~ 1st September 2016 ~ 10:03am (UK time)

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Full Moon at 25° Aquarius ~ Thursday 18th August

The Full Moon will be exact at 10:26 on Thursday 18th August and although it falls slightly outside the astronomical guide of being termed a penumbral eclipse; it can be regarded as the first of this Autumn's eclipse season.

This is a lovely free-spirited full moon being in the rebellious and expressive sign of Aquarius and forming a soft and supportive sextile aspect to Uranus; the ruler of Aquarius which is currently moving retrograde at 24° Aries.

Fire and air signs will feel an uplift at this full Moon, whereas the more earthy and watery among us may not feel quite so comfortable with the unpredictable and creativity that the Aquarius energy brings.

In the UK chart we see this full Moon occurring in the; traditionally Leonine, creative 5th House, in close proximity to the erotic asteroid; Eros bringing the possibility of romance to those who have a planet around 25° Aquarius, or Leo, this equates to those born close 14th February and for Leos celebrating their birthday around this time.

It's certainly a perfect mid-Summer excuse to celebrate and fully enjoy a weekend with no worries or concerns (the Virgo new Moon in two weeks will provide plenty of opportunity for that!)

There is a more serious underlying tone to this chart though, as Mars creeps closer to Saturn in Sagittarius and asks us to take a moment to consider where and to whom we give most of our attention.  With Saturn falling in the 3rd House of this chart, the recent political dramas are not forgotten and the backdrop of celebration is that some of us need to let our hair down and be frivolous because of the stress around us.

As always I'd like to encourage people to be concerned less about the negative, drone of media, somberness that we have no power to alter, and to switch our attention to that which is within our personal domain.  I watch so many folk walking beneath metaphorical suitcases of other peoples' baggage and seemingly oblivious to the beauty and possibilities which are all around them.

You don't need to practice Buddhism to realise that happiness and gratitude and laughter can only e experienced in the moment.

Venus crossed the North Node a couple of days ago but in this chart is still pointing towards love and friendship being the key ingredients of life.  With Aquarius being the sign of friendship, the emphasis of enjoying life and surrounding oneself with lovely people in the process, is reiterated.

There is a meditative side to also, with Mercury linking up with jubilant Jupiter in the 12th House of secrets and dreams.  Predictive and prophetic dreams are very possible on the days surrounding this full Moon, so it's worth spending those few moment to wake up slowly and reflect on any messages which may have come through.

Passion is reinforced by Pluto's perfect trine to Venus and broadening the potential of romantic bonds being formed around this time to all.  This week is a great time to be out and meeting new people, or reigniting bonds which need a little new life and rejuvenation.  With Pluto exactly at the IC (home, hearth and family line) however there will be some surprises for some and changes for others.  Pluto only removes that which is no longer required, but it can often feel like a great wrench and loss primarily.  It would be naive for me to gloss over the potential for shocking events to occur at this time but with such supportive planets overall I'm hoping for a few good surprises and revelations which are more about love than loss.

Another side to Pluto is that of fate and karma; whilst these are words usually associated with Saturn, actually is the Pluto in our charts which predicts most of the life changing events.  When noting Pluto in an angular position; as in this chart, it is important to consider that this is a time where what is meant to be is more likely.  Astrologers have noted in the past that there is a 'soul mate' indication when Venus and Pluto link up together and this week could bring some very notable and life-changing encounters.  When Aquarius and Uranus take centre-stage we can always expect the unexpected.

If any readers do experience some life changing events this week I would love to hear from you. ♥

Blessings, celebrations and peace to all~~~~

~~if you'd like a little heads up on how you are likely to be affected by the forthcoming eclipse season you can contact me at:

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

New Moon at 21:44 at 10° Leo – What you resist persists

This new Moon, meeting up with the Sun in fiery Leo tilts the balance of planets into the fire signs. With the Moon making its impact; by joining up with the Sun, Venus continues her sojourn further into the sign at; 22° Leo. The timing of this new Moon, also coincides Mars’ recent return to Sagittarius – also on Tuesday 2nd August, after its long backwards dip into Scorpio. As mentioned in previous articles, Mars was retrograde from 18th April 2016 until 30th June 2016. It had reached 8° Sagittarius at the time of its retrograde and so will still be in the so called ‘shadow of the retrograde until it returns to that point on 22nd August. Still, with Mars back in Sagittarius, energies are higher and anything which has been moving slowly in your life over the last few months will start to gather momentum again.

Saturn is also in Sagittarius, interestingly sitting at 9° very close to the retrograde point for the whole of the month of August as it slows down, ready to turn to forward motion itself. If you have any planets around 8-9° Sagittarius, these are significantly highlighted, once again (just as they were in April). For those of you born around 30th November, that would be the position of your Sun at birth, so most likely this has been a very low energy year for you so far. Do look at what comes up in August in this case, you will learn far more from observing other areas of your life which come to the fore. There is no need to fight against what should be, if you’re tired then rest. Rather than be frustrated look at what IS working for you and embrace it.

In the new Moon chart Neptune sits angularly on the ascendant throwing quite a dampener on the usually energetic Sun-Moon conjunction in Leo. Confusion is the theme of this new Moon, this is not a time to begin something constructive or to make a wish. Neptune always brings a deeper, spiritual and emotional tint to whatever it connects. It is linked to confusion and deception, because we live in a world where facts and figures are valued more highly than creativity, but really Neptune is about all that is elevated and of a higher frequency.

There is a bit of a conflict of interest however, as the Sun-Moon in Leo fall in the detail oriented 6th House implying that facts and figures at this time may well be obfuscated and unavailable. As always, if flowing with the cycles choosing to allow a more creative approach to what is usually mundane will work incredibly well at this time.

I personally postponed the tidying and plant repotting that I need to do to coincide with the new moon and allow new energy to flow more freely around my space. Feng Shui is very important to procure new energy and allow change to occur, and this new Moon favours energetically enhancing ones’ personal space. Whilst many of the more constructive parts of our lives may not be easy to navigate at this time, there is a great deal of cleansing energy which can be worked with and utilized at this time.

A bit of a clean, a move around, to bring new kinds of energy into stagnant areas of your life will work well at this time. This isn’t a time for constructive thought and there won’t be a feeling of great action and celebration in the usual new Moon in Leo sense. Allow action to take place where it is needed, let go of anything which doesn’t seem to be flowing at this time and this can be a very positive new Moon.

August is quite a static month as we wait for Mars to reach as far in Sagittarius and Saturn sits tight awaiting Mars to surge past on 24th August. After which things will begin moving so quickly it will be a very exciting an eventful Autumn.

Enjoy the rest, don’t fight the forces of nature and this can be a tranquil, uplifting and inspiring new Moon time.

If you’d like to know about where 8° Sagittarius falls in your chart, or perhaps to have a personal prediction for this exciting Summer ahead, then do contact me at:

Blessings and joy to you all~~~~~